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    The Silver Lining

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    The Silver Lining

    Post by SL Staff on Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:09 pm

    Hogwarts: The Silver Lining

    Story Line

    This story line follows canon mostly through Harrry's fifth year. So what this means is that when we begin term, it will be his sixth year. And this is where canon ends for this site, and your imagination and stories begin. The reason we have kept it canon up until then, or have canon at all, is because it's the perfect opportunity to make the story line we have invented. So here is the story line.

    It is the summer after Harry's fifth year. He has just lost his godfather, and while he may have seemed pacified in his last meeting with the Headmaster, Harry no longer feels he can trust the man he once looked up to. In fact, Harry holds a grudge against Dumbledore, and that has caused a giant wedge between the two, whether Dumbledore knows it or not. Harry blames the Headmaster because he feels if the man had explained to him what was happening with Voldemort, Sirius might still be alive. That, amongst other things, has left Harry with the knowledge that the old wizard never took Harry's best interest into account, nor anyone else's. And Harry has now refused to follow Dumbledore blindly. Though Dumbledore is not yet aware of that fact.

    Dumbledore, for his part, is truly sorry that Sirius died, though not because it has caused Harry to suffer, but because it was one of his many preconceived ways of keeping Harry in line. Being the master manipulator that he is, Dumbledore had carefully planned it so that while Harry may go to his godfather for things, it would be himself would have control over when and where the two could interact, making it more likely Harry would do what Dumbledore wanted, and effectively controlling the boy. Now that was gone, but he had other ways. 

    Voldemort has been insane since he spent so many years as a spirit, barely clinging to life. But now that he has had time to adjust to being alive again, he has begun to regain some sanity, remembering his original plans for the Wizarding World. And also remembering what exactly happened the night the Potter's died, and more importantly, who exactly was responsible. 

    Although we absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter canon, we can't help but wonder what if in a lot of instances. What if Harry never got with Ginny? What if Ron finally let his jealousy get the best of him? What if his jealousy finally created a permanent wedge between him and Harry? What if Hermione had to choose between them? What if Dumbledore was the power hungry manipulator? What if Voldemort regained his sanity? And wasn't always trying to kill Harry? 

    All these what ifs, and more. It means the possibilities are endless. The story can be taken in so many different directions, with both characters from the books, and characters you can make up. With this story line, canon characters can be changed and evolved. Good and Evil, Light and Dark, take on an entirely different meaning as everything changes with every post from you. 

    So come join us and play your own role in this entirely new story! Or play the role of a canon, and see them take the routes you always wanted them to go! We still have plenty of canons left, including Harry Potter, the Weasleys, and many more.

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