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    Kaden Sephenus

    Kaden Sephenus
    Kaden Sephenus

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    Kaden Sephenus

    Post by Kaden Sephenus on Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:32 pm


    Sephenus Avon Kaden
    14, 5,12, Male

    Birth Date: 25,December,3059
    Ethnic Background: American
    Sexuality: Straight

    Skin Tone: Light
    Body Type: Athletic
    Eye Color: Green

    Overall Personality: Kaden is very intelligent fourteen year old and he loves to study books and read. Kaden is very great with other people and he considers himself as a popular soul and he loves to be with friends and hang out at beaches and pools. Kaden also loves video games like alien and zombie apolcylse games.
    Kaden has a snobbish side to him as well which is hard to get on and he loves to design web pages and that.

    History: When Kaden was born his dad and mother was killed in a car crash when he was six weeks years old. The custody trail for Kaden wasn't easy as he heard from his dad's brother named Elliot Sephenus and his older brother Lukas was sent with him to his Uncles to live out his days and then when he was three he was informed his parents were alive the car crash was a way to get a fortune from Kaden's parents. His uncle couldn't believe that a man named Helio Watoxx was trying to steal the Sephenus family fortune and sending his parents to a country. When Kaden's brother Lukas was diagnosed with flu and his life was on the line.
    Then later he was cured and about a few years later he went to Hogwarts and he was always sending letters home to him and his uncle. His brother Xeke was sent to Exerus at age 18 and he had then had a son over that summer named Kyle who Kaden never saw and then his brother and his girlfriend came to live with him and his uncle. His life was a pain then his nephew Donovan was born and his other Brin was born. Then on his brothers 25 birthday he was sent to prison leaving his wife with three kids. Then it was just Kaden and his uncle taking care of the kids after she left. Then when Kaden was fourteen he and his uncle decided to go to Scotland and live and so did Lukas come to Scotland.
    Fears: Helio Wattox, Losing his uncle, and his brother and his family dying
    Hopes: To have happiness come to the world again.
    Inspirations: His Uncle Elliot and his brother Lukas

    Mother: Christna Ebony Sephenus (nee Raven) /49/ (Author) Deceased
    Father: David Antonio Sephenus /49/ (Auror) Deceased

    Xeke Wolf Sephenus /25/ ( Unemployed ) Alive
    Mattox Ryan Sephenus /23/ ( Died at age 10 ) Deceased
    Lukas Ethan Sephenus /16/ (Student) Alive

    Only Brothers

    Relationship Status: Single So Far

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