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    In-Character Rules

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    In-Character Rules

    Post by Admin Captain on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:40 pm

    In-Character Rules

    Just a few rules for In-Character.

    1. Rate Your Threads: There is a thread for this, so I won't go into deep detail, but be sure to rate your threads according to their content!

    2. Drama Is Good!: In character, drama is good, so have as much as you want, just don't get confused. Razz

    3. No GM'ing (God-Modding): Please do not God-Mod another character, you only have control over your own. There is a thread for this as well.

    4. Use Detail: Have fun, tell a story! You are the narrator, go ahead. But make sure it is in the Third-Person Point of View!

    Note: You may NOT under any circumstance kill another character without his or her consent first out of character!

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