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    General Rules

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    General Rules

    Post by Admin Captain on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:36 pm


    Just a few general rules for ooc (out of character). Simple to abide by, no harm done.

    1. No Spamming (Double Posting): Unless you are told to do so in a fanfiction, or something that you may post in the ooc library, or such. Also, you may do solo threads, which you may also "spam" or "double post".

    2. No Drama: Please save the drama for in-character roleplaying! It is what keeps the forum alive. The ooc bickering is just pointless, any continued arguing should be moved to inbox, or forgotten please! You may get a warning if you continue this.

    3. No Disrespect: The rule above has a few important points I need to get on. Don't disrespect anyone. Their culture, color of their skin, their sexuality, their looks (if you have seen them of course). I don't care what it is, don't say anything. We don't need any judges, because you are only what you make of yourself, and you'll make yourself look like a fool disrespecting someone else, because then you are in fact disrespecting yourself.

    4. No Cyber-Bullying: I am fully against this. Some people say "It's a part of growing up." I think not. Bullying now is causing lives of children around the United States. And I will continue to forever fight this issue. If you wouldn't want someone to say it to you (I don't care how "tough" you think you are to "take a hit"), keep your mouth shut. Bullying is also illegal in some states, most, I believe.

    5. No Impersonating Others: Don't go online and say that you are someone else from this site, or a different forum. This is very annoying and could get serious.

    6. No Inappropriate Images or Videos: I know most of this forum may be 16+ and that's fine, but keep the "nasty" (sexual content), to a minimum for our younger users please. Any explicit and revealing content should be sent elsewhere, conversations should be moved to inbox.

    7. Listen To The Staff: The staff have been chosen for a reason. Each of them has a job, to look over the site while I am in absence, and even when I am here. Please follow these rules and theirs as well. If they tell you to stop, please do so. If you'd like to report a staff member for abusive behaviors, please private message me with proof and a screenshot, perhaps if possible.

    8. Have Fun!: We are all here to have fun right! So have fun, laugh, play, dance, have a chatbox party! Do something exciting! Get to know new people! Make new friends!

    *Any additional rules you think should be added onto the list, please inbox me about!

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