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    Wizarding Realm [jcink]


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    Wizarding Realm [jcink]

    Post by WR Staff on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:21 pm


    What would sort of place would Hogwarts be if Harry Potter had never had to fight Lord Voldemort? Or better yet - what if Harry Potter never existed? Wizarding Realm is a present day, alternate universe roleplaying site that takes place within that same wizarding world, yet without any of the history or legend of the Boy Who Lived. Open to all levels of writers, Wizarding Realm allows you to throw yourself headfirst into that magical world - everything from classes to Quidditch to getting in trouble with your house prefect! Ultimately it's all in your control. You decide what sort of wizard or witch you want your character to be.

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    Re: Wizarding Realm [jcink]

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