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    Eternus Jobs List

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    Eternus Jobs List

    Post by Admin Captain on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:06 pm


    Eternus Headmaster:
    Eternus Dean Of Students:
    Eternus Advanced History Professor:
    Eternus Advanced Potions Professor:
    Eternus Advanced Astronomy Professor:
    Eternus Advanced Herbology Professor:
    Eternus Advanced Muggle Studies Professor:
    Eternus Creatures Mastery Professor:
    Eternus Advanced Language Professor:
    Eternus Communication Arts & Literature Professor:
    Eternus Computer Literacy Professor:
    Eternus Alchemy Professor:
    Eternus Quidditch Coach:
    Eternus Librarian:

    Any job names in bold are filled/taken already. Please choose another. To apply, you must use the code below in a reply to this topic. This is based on your character's information, not yours.

    [b]Full Name:[/b]
      [b]What Position Do You Want:[/b]
      [b]Why Do You Want This Position:[/b]
      [b]Sample Roleplay Of You Having This Job:[/b]

    Jason Webbhaal
    Jason Webbhaal
    Eternus Professor
    Eternus Professor

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    Re: Eternus Jobs List

    Post by Jason Webbhaal on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:44 pm

    Full Name: Jason Webbhaal
    Age: 22
    What Position Do You Want: Eternus Dean Of Students
    Why Do You Want This Position: Loves working with kids, loves magic.

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